So as of yesterday afternoon, Blizzard has allowed the world to download and install Diablo 3 Beta.

My screen capture on my iMac. Took 1.5hrs to download.

I ended up playing last night with a couple of friends via I can say this game is already just as fun and addicting as Diablo and Diablo 2! I played as the Monk character for four hours straight and didn’t really realize it. I can see why they put the actual time in the top-right corner of the HUD within the game!

So if I were to give a quick review of this, I’d say it in point form.

  • It feels nearly identical to the previous Diablo games
  • Because I’m running this on a five-year-old iMac, all the settings are set to low, so graphics-wise… I looks like the old Diablo games! But, with this type of game style, it’s not graphics one should care about. 
  • You literally feel like you walked into a sequel. Everything felt natural – and that’s after not playing the game for nearly 10 years.
  • I’ve only tried the Monk class, but two friends were with me – one with the Demon Hunter, and the other a Barbarian. From what I’ve seen of the three, I think the Monk is the coolest – so far. All that can change with higher levels. The highest level I went up to before beating the beta was 11.
The Beta is also successful in another way. I wasn’t sure if I really would buy this game. I’m pretty addicted to Battlefield 3 as is, and getting game time in can be hard as a family man who works full time and does some freelancing on the side. Plus, I wasn’t sure it would run at all on my computer.
That said, I told my wife this morning to set the $60-$70 aside. I’ll be picking this one up!