I’ve been using About.Me for a long while now. I made a post about it once prior called about.me A free landing page for all to see.

Within the past few days, About.Me released a new app in the iTunes store. And to my surprise, within the preview area, was little ‘ol me!

Cool, eh?!
So now whenever someone goes to download this app, my name will be there in previews – including a pic of me being “slapped the face with glitter”!
FYI, my About.Me page can be found at http://about.me/robblaich
Special shout-out to @Dexcahlibur for letting me know about this! And another shout-out to @JMPilipal once again for snapping my pic, and doing a wicked Photoshop job. Obviously my background helped my page stand-out!