A few days ago now, DICE released a new patch for Battlefield 3 on PlayStation 3. This patch was a big one though, as the download size was a whopping 1GB. On top of this, those with the B2K pack had to re-download the expansion to get the update for that portion.

So a few hours of downloading later, and I was back in the Battlefield.

The list of changes is ridiculously huge. To see it all, I recommend visiting the BF3Blog’s post. The list is so long, it took me nearly 30 minutes to ready. Granted I am not a speed reader by any means.

Since the update I have to say I’m pretty pleased overall. Very few negatives out of this, especially compared to all the pros. To me it felt like a new version. Battlefield 3.5?

One of the changes was how suppressors and flash suppressors effected the guns. I added the flash suppressor to my AEK-971, along with the grip and holographic sight, and holy cow, what a difference. It shoots straight as an arrow, and the power is still more than enough to take down an enemy before he gets me. Love it.

I also love the fact the stupid MAVs can only get one roadkill before it destroys itself. That was always very irritating. However the lack of using an MAV as an elevator now is sort of a drag. I didn’t think it was that bad getting up into high places. But I don’t really miss that feature either.

Two thumbs up from me, DICE. Great job.

Now please… Fix the freezing issue with the PS3s. The patch as most certainly NOT corrected this issue. 😦