Through Twitter, I find myself having a lot of debates with others regarding the common Apple vs. Android vs. BlackBerry topic.

People believe that since Apple is in the lead (by a landslide) it is therefore the best. But that doesn’t mean it is perfect. It doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. And no, you don’t always “just get used to it.”

Before I go and possibly sound like I’m trash-talking iOS, let me state I am originally an Apple fan. Since ’06 I’ve had a PowerPC MacBook Pro, and later an iMac. I’ve even gone so far as naming my cat “Apple”, my newts “Mac” and “Tosh”, and I was very close to naming my dog “Steve Dogs”. My wife put the brakes on that one, so we named him Titan.

I own an iPod Touch (4th gen), my wife has an iPhone 4s, and at work I use the iPad. So I’ve had a lot of hands on exposure to Apple’s mobile products and do speak from experience.


Like on a computer, I like being able to bounce between Apps very quickly, and easily. For me, having to press that button once or “double-clicking”, searching through to the next App, and selecting it drives me nuts. No, it’s not the worst thing possible… But PlayBook 2.0 does it better.

Yes, I know OS5 introduced “swiping” from the bottom up to shows the running Apps, but that’s it. On my PlayBook, I swipe up and everything is shown. If I swipe from the side bezels, I can skip through the running Apps.

Plus on the PlayBook, all my Apps keep running. So I can listen to a YouTube stream, and go back into my emails. Games can even keep going when minimized.

Connecting to other PCs and Macs

My PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphone can act as a USB key. I can bring a cord with and hook up to nearly anyone’s computer and upload or download music, documents, photos, videos, etc.

If I hooked up my iPod Touch to my parent’s PC, I’d need to install iTunes, connect the device, and run the high risk it would sync incorrectly and erase all my content on Touch. There are ways to avoid this, but lets face it – this area isn’t nearly as intuitive.


No matter how often I try… No matter no how often I practice, I just do not like a virtual keyboard as much as a physical one. And Apple will probably never create an iPhone with a slide-out keyboard.

The tablets aren’t bad. They’re bigger, and therefore so are the keys. So this point is strictly for the phones.


My phone is more of a tool than a toy. And I’ve been saying that statement before RIM came out with those horribly corny TV commercials.

My BlackBerry blinks and beeps at me in all sorts of different ways when I receive emails, BBMs, texts, etc. I have three different emails I use often (personal, freelance, and my fulltime job) and each account makes a different tone. For that matter, so does Twitter, Facebook, ScoreMobile, and a few others. My LED light even blinks so I know from afar something is needing my attention.

I just discovered my wife’s iPhone can have LED notification, but it hasn’t worked as expected. I didn’t find an option to have separate sounds per notification either. Just different ringtones per contact.


Apple’s mobile product line isn’t for me. My BlackBerry Torch and PlayBook combo suit me extremely well and do exactly what I need them to do. Sure they have their faults here and there, but they’re minor issues whereas the list above would really bother me.

 Again, I’m not knocking Apple’s product line. This post is just outlining my reasoning and answering a few questions for some friends and Twitter folk.