Yup, I spent the whole $30 and upgraded my iMac to OS 10.7.3 (Lion).

It’s nice!

Thanks to my buddy, Randal, I had the heads-up that all my old apps from 6 years ago may not function with this new OS. Apple decided to no longer support PowerPC applications. I took the time using System Information to list my applications and sort them by PowerPC, Intel, and Universal.

Lucky for me, I found that I really wasn’t using any of the PowerPC applications, so I went for the update.

I’ve only been able to use my computer for maybe 3 hours since the install, but I’m finding this to be very much worth the money and time! The OS has been cleaned up visually, and the new toys such as Mission Control and LaunchPad are both fun and practical for me.

Not to mention being able to use iCloud with my iPod Touch, and my wife’s iPhone.

Many have complained that the new OS slows down their Apples. For me, I find works just the same. And I am on an older model.

If you haven’t bothered with the update, I would say to go for it! But, just be aware you will lose support for PowerPC applications!