I just spent about an hour and half sideloading apps to my BlackBerry PlayBook. I have way too much fun doing this stuff.

While reading Twitter, I came across a link that had 100 tested Android Apps ready to be downloaded and sideloaded to your PlayBook. http://goodereader.com/blog/tablet-slates/100-blackberry-playbook-apps-now-on-the-good-e-reader-app-store/

Well holy crap, that’s a lot of apps. What caught my eye was Evernote, Twitter, and yes, IGN.

I should also mention that none of those apps are on BlackBerry App World yet. These are all apps that are free in the Android Market and have been converted to .bar files which the PlayBook can read.

From CrackBerry.com

So while reminding myself how to sideload apps by using the how-to on CrackBerry, I managed to get about 5 apps that I like. The rest of the time was researching what all of these where by using YouTube.

I have to state that both the official Android Twitter App, and Evernote’s Android version are both far superior. The best Twitter app prior to Android support was Blaq. And while it’s still good, it’s just too full of bugs, and the interface isn’t as intuitive.  As for Evernote, it’s just so slick and good looking in Android compared to the native PlayBook version.