So… Contacts surprisingly, and disappointingly does not support sync between the PlayBook and a BlackBerry smartphone.


All my contacts are mostly on my BlackBerry smartphone (a Torch 9800). So to get 160+ contacts to my PlayBook, this is the route I had to follow:

  1. Using Desktop Manager (for Mac in my case) sync the BlackBerry contacts with Address Book
  2. Select all contacts in Address Book and export all to a vCards.vcf file.
  3. I use Hotmail, and Hotmail does not support .vcf files. However, Gmail does. So…
    1. I setup a Gmail account (about time anyway) and imported the .vcf file.
    2. Then, I immediately exported all contacts to an Outlook compatible .csv file.
    3. In Hotmail, I imported the new .csv file
    4. On the PlayBook, in the Hotmail account setup, I turned on the option to sync contacts.
    5. Opened up my Contacts app on the PlayBook and all contacts appears. Many even linked automatically to Facebook and Twitter contacts.