While waiting for OS 2.0 to come out (said to be tomorrow, February 21st at around 4am PST) I had downgraded my OS from 2.0 beta back to 1.x. Word was floating around Twitter that the update for the proper 2.0 version may not go as well. So for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been back to “stock” with my PlayBook.

Bridge was just released from BlackBerry App World tonight, and with it, came BlackBerry Remote!

For a moment, I was bummed. I didn’t think I could try it until tomorrow, and after I updated to OS 2.0. However, to the surprise (and delight) of many, BlackBerry Remote does indeed work with 1.x!

So what is BlackBerry Remote?

Like iPhones do with Apple TV, or with iPads, you can now use your BlackBerry smartphone to remotely control your PlayBook. The screen/trackpad works at the mouse pointer, and the keyboard on your phone (either physical or touch) can be used to enter the characters.

Image from CrackBerry.com showing the touch screen. Note the edges to work with the gestures.

I tired it out and it works like a charm! My PlayBook was by the TV, and I navigated my way around with ease using my BlackBerry Torch 9800 (which is still on OS6, not OS7).  It’s so slick!