Years ago I set myself up on Twitter, not very certain n how I’d use it. I thought the best way would be to help advertise my freelancing. So I went ahead and set myself up as @SymbiantDesigns and ran with it.
As time passed I started to use it more and more. But my tweets were not always work related. While much of it was regarding various forms of new media, a lot of it was about my day, conversations about my day, or how things are going in a video game.

I clued in that I may be doing myself more harm than good. That, and I was beginning to forget my freelancing business name was visible. Posting rants and opinions – some which may offend a few, could lead to bad business. Not good.

So today I ran through a suggested routine for changing user names, and maintaining the current one.

  1. Log into Twitter, go in the profile settings, switch username and save 
  2. In another browser (so you do not have to log out) create a frwsh new account using a new email, and your old user name. Save. 
  3. With your old account set up, make a tweet saying, “This account is no longer active. Please follow @YourNewName” or something along those lines.

Its funny. I now have a new sense of “freedom” when tweeting. You can now follow me at @PegCityNerd. @SymbiantDesigns will still be used, but only for work related topics.