At my full time job at St. Boniface Hospital Research, my manager (Bill) and I created this artwork, and video called “Consider the Bean” by in November of 2011.

Bill and I sat around a table, and carefully placed roughly 5000 beans of different varieties, to create a look-a-like portrait of the famous, Mr. Bean.  Weeks later, we used this piece to create this video:

Bill sent out a press release about Mr. Bean’s people granted permission for this, and we ended up receiving a fair amount of local publicity. See my prior post –

Well on Thursday, Bill received an email from Mr. Bean’s representatives, asking to place this video on Mr. Bean’s Facebook Page! For those who do not know, Mr. Bean has over 18,000,000 followers!

Sure enough, when the video was put up in front of the large audience, the video Bill and I shot, edited, and uploaded to YouTube gained a HUGE spike in hits (a.k.a. views). We went from roughly 1100, to 23,457 in the period of 24 hours!

Graph of view count over time for “Consider the Bean” – Generated by YouTube

Undoubtably, Bill will be releasing another press release on Monday after the weekend has gone by, and the view count has probably gone up even more.

I’ve wanted to have something I’ve created go up on television, such as a commercial, or a short clip for a long time. I do believe this helps to fulfil this wish considering the size of the audience!