One the biggest things needed in Battlefield 3 is communication. It’s very team orientated, and if you can’t talk with you teammates, your games won’t pan out as well.

PlayStation 3 users such as myself have been gimped a bit when it comes to VOIP (voice over IP). Talking to others would sound choppy. It was like listening to the radio in the car and driving through a tunnel – suddenly your signal was choppy, or nonexistent. PS3 gamers were dying for a fix for this. Xbox Live was perfect, and PC users at least had an alternative method, such as Skype chat, or typing out text.

Yesterday, Battlefield announced this through Facebook;

The VOIP fix for PlayStation 3 is live! when logging in to Battlefield 3, PlayStation 3 players will automatically download this update. Now get in there, start communicating, and tell us how it’s working!

Sure enough, when logged in last night, there was a small download patch available. I gamed with my trusty BF3 companions,  gangmember323 and Nedmonds. Just as hoped, we could all hear each other perfectly well, as if we were talking on the phone.

This game just got better – and I wasn’t sure that could happen.