I have to learn to quit defending BlackBerry. It’s a large corporation that still rakes in the dough. It doesn’t need little old me to stand between them and a bully knocking it’s style.

Yet, after reading an article on CNet called “There’s still a lot to like about RIM. Seriously” I feel compelled to summarize and share a little.

RIM’s stocks have gone down. But they’re far, far from dying out any time soon. Some key points I noted were;

  • RIM generated “more than $5 billion in revenue and nearly $900 million in cash flow from operations in a quarter”
  • RIM is preparing to name a new chairman and strip the title away from Lazaridis and Balsillie–a move that could bring a more objective view to the direction of the company.
  • “BlackBerry’s brand, which may have lost its luster a bit in the U.S., is still strong overseas.”
  • “RIM’s subscriber base actually grew 35 percent over a year ago to 75 million users in the fiscal third quarter.”
  • “RIM also has a collection of intellectual property that still gives the company additional value.”
So if you’re sitting there and staring at your BlackBerry thinking it’s support will die and vanish in the near future – relax, it won’t.