Image from Gamebolt

Quite a few of my friends have been both shocked and appalled with me that in late 2011, I chose Battlefield 3 over Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3. I have to admit… so am I.

After playing Call of Duty Black Ops, and prestiging 10 times, I was ready for a switch. I noticed all the previews for Battlefield 3 were really holding my attention, while I found myself dissapointed with Modern Warfare 3. The game looked way too close to Modern Warfare 3. I have even started to call the lastest Call of Duty game MW2.5.

In October, I downloaded the free beta demo of Battlefield 3. It was beta, buggy, looked bad compared to previews, only one level… And yet I fell in love with it.

So on release day, I ventured out and picked up a copy. Since then, I haven’t looked back. I even cancelled my request for MW2.5… err… MW3 for Christmas or my birthday. I just don’t want it.

BF3 is actually very different from COD games. Yes, they are both war games. Yes they are both first person shooters (FPS). But BF3 has better graphics, huge maps, destructable buildings, more strategy, and best of all, vehicles.

The vehicles are my favorite thing about the game too. Tanks, planes, helicopters, Jeeps, and even silly things like a forklift (or whatever it is). Not to mention there are different types of each vehicle too. Three or more types of helicopters for example are in the game. Its wild, and all them take a bit of practice too.

The gameplay itself is slower than COD. You can’t (shouldnt’t) go balls to the walls and start shooting all moment. You run right out into the open and you’ll get pegged off by a sniper from a rooftop. Or higher, like a crane. In this game you need to be stratigic and slow down! Hug the walls, stay covered, and plan your movement.

For me, this took getting used to. But I have found I liked the change in pace.

Also, with game modes like Rush and Conquest, you care about points, not kills. You don’t have to be anal over your kill death ratio for example. I could never seem to get over 1.70,while friends were as high as 3. In BF3, I think mine is 1.2. But no one cares. I have gone 5-12 once, but had the top score out of 32 players because all I did was capture flags. I love it.

There is just so much to do in this game. Sometimes I play team deathmatch (and do well), other times I’ll go for the points. And there are days where I’ll just fly a plane around and try to get al least one frag.

So for me, this game is light years ahead of COD. I’m having a lot of fun too,which is what should count most.