One of my first entries on this new blog, and it’s the announcement that my refurbished, 60GB, backwards compatible, 4 USB, card reader equipped PlayStation 3 died yesterday morning.

After a solid 5-year run, my old PS3 kicked the bucket during a game of Ratchet and Clank, a Crack in Time. It suddenly froze, and then shut down. No yellow light flashed either.
I brought it over to a friend’s home and we swapped hard drives from one PS3 to another. After perhaps 1 minute of use, and progressively less, the PS3 would continue to chug, and then freeze to a grinding halt. We quickly determined it was not the hard drive. According to a bit of searching on Google, it is probably the power supply, because it had become very hot after such a short amount of time.
As lucky as time would have it, boxing week sales have the consoles on for $199, so I snagged one up. That’s pretty cheap these days considering I paid nearly $500 back in the day (including controller and a game).
Farewell my old companion. GG’s.