I’ve boycotted having another blog. You never know who is really bothering to read your content. For me, I’m not exactly an English major, so letting the public reading anything I put out there, other than Facebook/Twitter updates, can be a little intimidating for me.

None the less, I need the practice writing articles, and I find myself always babbling about the next tablet coming out, or how awesome a video games. Those who I babble too (usually my wife) aren’t always interested. So with this blog, I can now get it out of my system when I’m overly excited about something nerdy.

Common topics you’ll see from me will be about PlayStation 3 games (specifically Battlefield 3), BlackBerry phones and their PlayBook, social media, graphic design, and even work related stuff such as video editing and web design tips.

So here’s my kick-off to 2012! Happy reading fellow nerds and geeks!